The Blank-it screen blanking solution provides an easy, safe and legally compliant way of reducing fleet, vehicle and forklift computer distraction.

The drive mode app addresses the risks of driver distraction by restricting driver access to the screen when the vehicle is in motion. Contact us today to find out more about improving your fleet and drivers’ safety with our practical and affordable solution to distracted driving.


Deployed & proven.

> Warehousing
> Forklifts & trucks
> First responders
> Utilities
> Fleets & Mobile workforce

Blank-it is an easy to install, vehicle independent, self-contained safety solution and is a combination of multi-sensor hardware and intelligent software that allows nominated programs to be viewed while the vehicle is in motion.

Competitive differentiators.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Nominated programs
  • GPS failsafe and over-ride (tamperproof)
  • Not solely reliant on GPS signals
  • Does not affect the vehicle warranty
  • Passenger viewing option
  • Award winning Road Safety solution
  • Voice command option
  • Keyboard & mouse disabler
  • Privacy Screen (Police requirement)
  • Roll-over detection & notification

Corporate responsibility.

With the workforce more mobile & technology making it possible for full in-vehicle computer workflow the Blank-it System was born – to ensure the safest possible use of these technologies.


Blank-it minimises the risks associated with distracted driving caused by a driver facing computer screen.

  • Reduces distraction caused by computer displays
  • Discourages interaction with on-board computer whilst moving
  • Encourages eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel
  • Keeps a fleet safe without hindering workflow procedures

Nominated programs.

Legislation relating to use of in-vehicle computer devices acknowledges staff may legitimately require access to certain programs to perform work related duties.

Blank-it allows a configurable list of programs defined by your company to be accessible – such as navigation aids, computer aided dispatch systems or reverse camera feed.

Signal override.


Full computer functionality is available when the optional click-in override cable is utilized. Connecting the override cable to a proximity switch will give full access to the computer when the switch is closed.

Uses for the override functionality include:-

Instantaneous response: The signal override cable is used on a forklift foot brake to allow instantaneous screen response.

Passenger viewing: With the use of a swivel dock and the signal override cable the passenger is able to use the tablet/computer as normal when the vehicle is in motion.

Hi-rail vehicles: Combination Road/Rail vehicles, the screen will no longer blank when the vehicle is operating on the rail track.


Rugged hardware & intelligent software.

Blank-it is the combination of intelligent software & ruggedized hardware that allows for advanced data analysis.

Hardware features.

  • Ruggedized injection molded USB
  • Operation temperature -40° to +85° C
  • Size: 30.7mmH x 17.8mmW x 10.2mmD excluding the USB connector
  • Multi motion sensors – shock, vibration, motion, rotation
  • Self-contained, requires no power from vehicle and does not rely on GPS signals
  • Backward compatible to GEN1 sensors and v3.X software

Modular software features overview.

  • Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Easy USB install, needs one free USB port (retro-fit option)
  • GPS over-ride and failsafe system
  • Access to reversing camera, navigation aids, dispatch and scheduling program
  • Filters out motion not related to vehicle forward – movement (relevant for forklifts)
  • Online configuration, license manager & usage reporting
  • Voice command option
  • Keyboard & mouse disabler
  • Privacy Screen (Police requirement)
  • Roll-over detection & notification

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“Blank-it is much more than just a screen blanking solution. It is a fully featured set of tools that allow businesses to mobilize their workforce and address the safety considerations that should be at the top of every clients in-vehicle computing strategy.”

Richard Abram, Motion Computing


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