Blank-it v5 is the combination of intelligent software & ruggedized hardware that allows for advanced data analysis with cloud-based management.

Blank-it Portal.

The most noticeable change is the addition of a cloud based Management Portal.

Portal is your window into Blank-it management. Access software, manage user accounts, check license status, build configuration files, check vehicle usage, display analytics – all from the web based & user friendly Blank-it Portal.

> Manage licenses

> Check all license features

> Manage multiple configurations



Blank-it enhanced software features.

> Updated licensing system

> GPS Integration & GPS Support

> Auto scanning for GPS signals on serial ports

> Black or white list ports

> Display GPS signal quality

> Auto starts Blank-it if it stops

> Integration of GPS & Motion Sensor, combine speed & motion


Enhanced administration features.

> Cloud based configuration

> Hotkey setting for advanced Blank-it user features

> License administration for renewals & updates

> Ability to embed custom algorithm into the configuration file

> Enable Blank-it monitor to ensure Blank-it always runs

> Enable or disable GPS or Motion Sensor in a configuration

> Configuration contained in a single file

> Ability to build multiple configuration files

GPS & Motion Sensor.

Corporate subscription fee.

> Active devices

> Distance travelled & speed

> Route map by date range

> Geofencing – assign users to a specific region

> Comparative breakdowns

> GPS signal strength

Catastrophic event notification

> Driver behavior patterns

Case studies.

Fleet safety equipment

Fleet safety and management

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WSI Inc – Client Testimonial

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Blank-it Version 5 is on its way

Blank-it v5 is the combination of intelligent software &…


“Yes, we tested just the GPS functionality and we were very impressed. Setup was easy and the response was excellent.”


Mike Thidemann, Intermodel & Automotive Systems, BNSF Railway