Blank-it Features & Comparison.

Blank-it is an easy to install, vehicle independent, self-contained safety solution for in-vehicle computers.

Blank-it offers 2 screen blanking solutions:

  • Blank-it BL-STD

  • Used with active vehicle docks. No GPS needed.

  • Blank-it is the combination of intelligent software & ruggedized hardware that allows for advanced data analysis (Blank-it Portal)
  • $330 per unit – Your purchase includes
  • 3 years annual license fee and support. (4 year onwards $10 per license per year).
  • Features:
  • USB Sensor Hardware
  • Screen Blanking
  • GPS support & integration
  • Screen Saver’ Feature
  • Sleep’ Feature
  • Nominated Programs
  • Blank-it Browser
  • Passenger Viewing
  • Blank-it BL-XS

  • No Blank-it hardware needed…software only

  • Used in cases where there is reliable access to GPS signals. Single operator using tablets with passive mounts/brackets.
  • $185 per unit – Your purchase includes
  • 1 year annual license fee and support. (2 year onwards $7.50 per license per year).
  • Features:
  • No Hardware
  • Screen blanking
  • GPS support & integration
  • Nominated Programs
  • Blank-it Browser
  • Blank-it cloud based management allows all users to access the latest software, manage user accounts, check license status, build configuration files, check vehicle usage, display analytics – all from the web based & user-friendly Blank-it Portal. Blank-t BL-PREM features available on request: Privacy screen, disable mouse and keyboard, temporary over-ride.

When you receive your Blank-it purchase you will be asked to register online. The Blank-it support team will work closely with you to ensure your configuration and installation of the software runs smoothly with minimal down-time.

No charge Blank-it trial for fleets larger than 20

All end-users must register their purchase with Blank-it. Once we know who you are you will get all the support and software needed to ensure you get the best experience using your Blank-it safety solution.

Tested by time > Blank-it has been delivering proven and effective results for over 15 years.

Global Users > USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. Over 200 organisations in multiple sectors: Utilities, Warehousing, Police, Transportation, Telecoms, Logistics, Rail

Versatile > Supports broad range vehicle types & forklifts. Windows XP to 10, Android

Scalable > Cloud based configuration with support for network distribution

Tamperproof > Rugged USB Motion Sensors, GPS or a combination of both

Advanced Features > Modular design to meet operational requirements