Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-sale Questions

Why do I need a distracted driver solution?

To address Road Safety legislation and to improve Occupational Health and Safety in your business – Blank-it is the perfect solution to help you achieve this.

Why Blank-it?

Blank-it leads the world in Display Management solutions.

For use on the road, our unique Motion Sensor technology is perfect as it offers an accurate, reliable and independent method of monitoring vehicle movement without reliance on GPS input, which can be patchy and un-reliable in built-up areas.

Blank-it also accommodates warehouse environments and situations where passenger/crew access to the computer is required.

Is Blank-it suitable for my specific environment?

Blank-it can be customised to almost any working environment, from forklifts in a warehouse through small-mid sized road going vehicles right up to large vehicles in off-road terrains. Through use of the two different blank-it models and its flexible customisation, we can accommodate almost any scenario.

Which model of Blank-it is best for me?

Blank-it comes a range of ‘editions’ to suit all types of fleet or work environment. For an overview of the different models and their features, please see our Feature Comparison table.

We will be happy to discuss your requirements to determine the best solution for your requirements.

How can I purchase Blank-it?

Blank-it is available for purchase through our reseller network and in “integrated” solutions from our Solution Partners, although we are happy to advise on the optimum solution for your specific requirements, answer pre-sales enquiries and help you find a suitable reseller. Find a Blank-it Reseller.

How is Blank-it licensed & what does it cost?

Blank-it solutions are typically priced “per install” with volume discounts available –  you should purchase one Blank-it license per vehicle or computer depending on your specific operating environment. Your Reseller will be able to advise the best solution. After purchase there is a small annual renewal charge which entitles you to upgrades and support.


How do I install Blank-it?

Installation is quick, easy and unobtrusive. Detailed instructions on Blank-it installation and configuration can be found in the supplied User Interface guide.

What are the system requirements?

In addition to the hardware ‘dongle’ itself, there are certain pre-requisites for a successful installation of blank-it.

  • Operating system: Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Software: Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0 or greater)
  • Keyboard and mouse (or other compatible input devices)
  • One free USB port
  • Drivers: The Blank-it motion sensor requires certain drivers. These can be obtained automatically through windows update, or can be downloaded from our website’s Client Login – no registration or login is required to download these drivers.

Is each laptop/computer linked to a specific vehicle installation?

No – each installation of Blank-it is independent. A laptop with Blank-it installed will provide the same level of protection regardless of which vehicle the laptop is mounted in. For example, your mobile fleet of operators each have their own laptops but the vehicle they use often changes.

If Blank-it is installed on the laptop and the laptop is correctly mounted in the vehicle with a hardware dongle, Blank-it protects them regardless.

I have a large fleet, is Blank-it easy to roll-out & update?

Yes, Blank-it provides functionality that allows mass distribution of configuration settings to your fleet.

Operation & Configuration

What if my users need access to certain programs/software?

Most screen blanking software does just that – once activated then the driver has no access to the display at all.

There are many scenarios where legislation allows for certain ‘legally allowed’ software to be accessible by the driver. This might be GPS, a Dispatch software or similar programs.

Blank-it’s fully customisable interface allows your administrator to define ‘Nominated’ (i.e. white-listed) programs that your drivers will still have access to, through an easy to use menu, even when Blank-it is activated. This ensures that your workforce will have access to essential productivity software while access to non-essential programs is restricted.

The ‘Nominated Programs’ feature is fully configurable by your site administrator.

Of course, when the vehicle is not in motion (i.e. Blank-it is not activated) the driver will have full un-restricted access to the computer.

What about internet access?

We recognise that in some circumstances, your drivers will require access to web-based programs or certain websites.

Blank-it’s “Blank-it browser” feature allows you to provide limited internet access to your workforce.

Blank-it browser can be configured to allow access only to specific white-listed domains/sites or to prevent access to certain black-listed domains – the browser settings are fully configurable by your site administrator.

What is the "Confirm You Are Stationary" feature?

With this feature enabled, when the vehicle stops briefly, Blank-it continues to blank the screen until you confirm the vehicle is stationary. This is a deliberate feature to ensure the screen does not become active when you have stopped temporarily for traffic signals, for example.

If you are asked to move to the side of the road by a police officer Blank-it continues to blank the screen. This will alleviate the question posed by the police officer enquiring as to why your computer screen is active.

What is "Walkabout Mode" & how does it work?

Walkabout mode was designed to prevent distraction in situations where the driver is able to remove the blank-it motion sensor from the computer or from the dock. With the introduction of Walkabout mode, blank-it is now able to protect the driver from distraction in a wider range of environments.

When Walkabout mode is enabled, the Blank-it software will require that a Blank-it motion sensor be connected to the computer at all times. If a Blank-it motion sensor is not connected to the computer, the Blank-it software will automatically start blanking the screen, regardless of whether the computer is in motion or not. If a Blank-it motion sensor is connected to the computer, Blank-it will function as usual.

This means that if the driver attempts to bypass Blank-it by removing the Blank-it motion sensor from the computer or from the dock, the Blank-it software will activate and blank the screen until the Blank-it motion sensor is re-attached. If the driver wishes to operate their computer away from the vehicle, they can be provided with a Blank-it Walkabout USB dongle that can be attached to the computer while it is outside of the vehicle. This Walkabout dongle still acts as a motion sensor, so the computer must be immobile while it is in use.

How to enable and disable Walkabout mode:

  • Press the ‘Configure’ button to open the configuration window
  • Make sure you are on the ‘Application’ tab
  • In the ‘Miscellaneous settings’ section, there is a check-box entitled ‘Walkabout mode’
  • To enable Walkabout mode, tick this check-box. To disable Walkabout mode, un-tick this check-box

It is advised that an administrator exercise caution when enabling Blank-it Walkabout mode. If the Blank-it motion sensor is lost or destroyed, a computer in Walkabout mode will remain blanked until a new blank-it motion sensor can be connected. It is recommended that Walkabout mode is only used in situations where the Blank-it motion sensor is unable to be securely connected to the dock or to the computer.

The Blank-it screen won’t fit on my display/some options are hidden. What’s wrong?

If you are using a device with limited screen size (such as a tablet) & you have a high screen resolution set (e.g. 1920*1080) AND have increased your font scaling up to 125% or 150%, the Blank-it window might be bigger than the screen and you may not be able to see some of the options on the configuration UI.

Simply adjust your font scaling and/or screen resolution until the full window is viewable.

How do I restore Blank-it to the system try when its running in minimized mode?

Blank-it has a built in an F10 key that will bring the Blank-it icon back into the system tray for 5 seconds. Hit F10, click on the Blank-it icon in the system tray and the program will be restored onto the desktop.

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