#1 Fleet Screen Blanking Software

Set flexible features to best fit your environment

Choose from a huge list of configurations to get the best safety and performance in your environment.

Blank-it contains many configurable features to ensure it fits within your organization’s workflow, branding, legal and Occupational Health & Safety compliance.

Blanked Screen Color

Set the color of the blanked screen to fit your brand or message, or the brightness and requirements of your environment.

Display Logo or Message

Choose a message or upload a company logo to be displayed on the blank screen.

Manual Reactivation

Manual reactivation of the computer – user taps on icon to return the active screen.

Nominated App Display

Set the apps that are allowed to be displayed, and the position on the screen for the app launcher.

Browser App Support

Support for Browser based apps.

Disable Peripherals

Disable input from keyboard, mouse, or touchscreen when screen is blank.

Enable Keys & Combinations

Enable selected keys, or combination of keys when screen is blanked to ensure no disruption in workflow.

Map Tablets Physical Buttons

Mapping of tablet’s physical buttons to support Blank-it functionality.

Temporary Override

Temporary override of blanked screen.

Proxy Server Support

Set up support for proxy servers.

Auto Update

Auto-update of configuration files to mobile computer.

Check Active

Automatically check to ensure Blank-it is always running.

Bypass Restriction

Methods to ensure an operator cannot bypass the protection of Blank-it.

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