#1 Fleet Screen Blanking Software

Smart screen blanking
for greater safety & performance.

Configure screen blanking optimally for each environment and permit selected functionality to remain visible. Operators are free from distraction and able to perform tasks optimally while accident free.

The Blank-it app is always on in the background. It will not interfere with an operators access to the computer when the motion detected is below the configured threshold and only kicks in when that threshold is exceeded.

When the threshold is exceeded, Blank-it will blank the screen but otherwise does not impact on the operation of the computer. For example, any audio alerts will still be heard, data can still be transmitted and received.

In addition to blanking the screen, it is possible to configure Blank-it to allow certain apps to be visible when in motion. These apps include aids to navigation and aids to dispatch (work jobs, destinations are examples of allowed apps).

Blank-it includes a rich feature set that ensures maximum safety whilst minimizing impact on workflow and compliance with an organization’s requirements and branding.

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