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Motion detection solutions for every environment

Blank-it provides multiple methods of detecting motion which can work alone or together to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Different environments require different motion detection

Blank-it recognizes that the environment you operate in can require different means to detect motion.

What works in one environment may not be as successful in another.

You may even have different types of vehicles operating in diverse environments that require a combination of methods across the fleet or even on individual vehicle types.

Blank-it is the leader in providing multiple methods of detecting motion. And it’s possible to utilize one or more motion detection methods to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Here are some of the motion detection methods we provide


All road going vehicles manufactured post 1996 are required to have an OBDII port. Blank-it supports connecting to an OBDII scanner via Bluetooth or USB to harvest data from the vehicles ECU and trigger the software to act.


If there is reliable connection to the GPS, GLONASS or WAAS satellites Blank-it will read the data and trigger the software to act. It is possible to connect to the GPS via a COM port, Location Sensor or UDP broadcast from a mobile router.

Onboard Sensors

Most modern tablets and some laptops contain internal gyroscopes and accelerometers which Blank-it can utilize to trigger events. Like our rugged USB Motion Sensor, but with less filtering, the internal sensors can be utilized to trigger the software once a configurable threshold has been exceeded.

Onboard Camera

Most modern tablets include forward and backward facing cameras. Blank-it can utilize the image from the camera to detect motion and trigger the software to act.

Rugged USB Motion Sensor

Manufactured in the US specifically for Blank-it, our rugged USB sensor contains specialized hardware and firmware to detect when a vehicle exceeds a configurable threshold and triggers the software to act.

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