#1 Fleet Screen Blanking Software

Let’s configure Blank-it to match your needs

Blank-it will provide the best combination of motion detection hardware and screen blanking software to suit the variable requirements in your working environment.

What do you Need?

Blank-it recognizes that there are many variables within a single working environment and that it may be difficult to get a one size fits all solution.

It is therefore possible to build the best combination of motion detection hardware and the blanking software to suit the variable requirements. It may be that a combination of methods to detect motion will provide the best results for individual vehicle types within the fleet, or that similar vehicle types are utilized under different operating conditions.

Screen blanking options for all your operating conditions

Here is a matrix describing what will work under different operating conditions:

Use Case Motion Detection Software
USB Motion Sensor GPS OBD-II Internal Sensors
Indoors Forklift
Indoors Tugger
Outdoors  Forklift
Outdoors Tugger
Outdoors Small Truck
Outdoors Large Truck
Outdoors Van
Outdoors Car

Blank-it supports motion data from one or more methods for added protection, for example GPS and USB Sensor or GPS and internal sensors so that if one data stream is temporarily unavailable you still get the required protection from Blank-it.

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