Fleet safety and management

  “More than ten of us are killed and 1,000 are injured every day in the U.S. as a result of distracted driving.” Huffington Post. Display management for in-vehicle computers. Nobody can deny that vehicles have improved productivity so long as they’re not taking attention away from the road. Most importantly large organisations are focusing […]

WSI Inc – Client Testimonial

Fleet analytics and cloud based managment

Working with people that understand the value of safety and have a sense of responsibility makes life a lot easier.  Blank-it has spent many years developing a product that is easy to install across large fleets with the soul purpose to ensure drivers keep theirs eyes on the road and not on the computer while they are driving.

The Blank-it Portal, released 2 years ago, provides fleet analytics this means all fleet managers have an overview of license activation, speed & location, GPS strength and can manage which programs the drivers can and cant use while driving.

Blank-it is an award winning safety solution that protects over 300 organisations world wide including Police, warehousing, road side assist, motor manufactures, rail and many many more.

 “Version 5 is very close to perfect.  Engine starting and running has no effect. The screen blanks the instant the truck is moved and stays off while even driving slowly.”

Supply Chain Solutions are Protected by Blank-it

Supply Chain Solutions use Blank-it to ensure their fleets are protected from the risks associated with distracted driving.

Steve Anderson, Fleet Maintenance Manager,WSI

Read more about the improvements in Blank-it Version 5 & Blank-it Portal.

Blank-it Version 5 is on its way

Blank-it v5 is the combination of intelligent software & ruggedized hardware that allows for advanced data analysis with cloud-based management.

The most noticeable change is the addition of a cloud based Management Portal. 

Portal is your window into Blank-it management. Access software, manage user accounts, check license status, build configuration files, check vehicle usage, display analytics – all from the web based & user friendly Blank-it Portal.

> Manage licenses

> Check all license features

> Manage multiple configurations