Fleet cloud based management

Blank-it Portal Cloud Management

Fleet analytics and cloud based manage for in-vehicle computers.

A distracted driving solution that offers real-time telematics.

Blank-it is now so much more than a screen blanking solution. our new cloud-based analytics service that leverages telematics and IoT (internet of things) to provide greater insights into the operations of a company’s mobile workforce.

Motion sensors plus GPS enables a unique set of data that can be analysed to create valuable graphical reports.  The portal securely captures data. Data analytics can offer operational reports such as speed & location, erratic or ‘heavy handed’ driving, number of stops and geo-fencing. The Blank-it screen blanking solution offers drivers the safety they deserve while driving and the portal gives managers peace of mind.

Blank-it’s fleet tracking software puts you right alongside your drivers, ensuring you are firmly in control of the company’s fleet.

Fleet analytics

Blank-it Portal showing a 2 hour journey

GPS fleet management and tracking system is a key component in today’s fleet management business. The Blank-it Portal gives complete control over your fleet. No matter how many vehicles you have or how widely spread they are, the robust, state-of-the-art system will help reduce costs and boost productivity.

“We tested the GPS functionality and were very impressed. Setup was easy and the response was excellent. “

BNSF Railway

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Distracted Driving News Update

In this update, we highlight two articles showing the increasing requirements for employers and organisations to devise and enforce distracted Driving policies. We also show an interesting video describing the implementation of Panasonic Rugged U1 computers into Tulsa Police Department vehicles.

Mechanical Contractors Association of America

The MCAA is an association representing 2,300 contractors and service provider businesses across the U.S. They provide professional development and support services to their members, and have recently released a publication about Distracted Driving.

MCAA expanded its efforts to educate mechanical contractors about the dangers of distracted driving with a new Distracted Driving Reduction and Prevention Guide. The publication includes sample policies, training materials, and a test to assist contractors in documenting safety training.

The guide (free to members) is available for purchase from their online store.


Concrete Contractor:

The Concrete Contractor section of the “For Construction Pros” website also published a timely article about distracted Driving and the dangers it present to the professional workforce.

Many contractors schedule phone meetings, check voice messages and answer calls during “windshield time.” These distractions contribute to the No. 1 cause of worker fatalities – motor vehicle crashes. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that from 2003 and 2008, 871 construction workers died in occupational highway accidents.

Read the article here: http://www.forconstructionpros.com/print/Concrete-Contractor/Columns/Revisit-Driver-Safety/7FCP21148

Tulsa Police Dept. install Panasonic U1 as part of in-car solution

Panasonic have an interesting video feature about the implementation of in-car computers at the Tulsa P.D.


Toughbook vs Snowmobile

Thought we’d post this cool little video showing just how tough the Panasonic Toughbook can be. It shows a CF-19 model being strapped behind a snowmobile and then taken on a bumpy ride through the forest.

Watch and enjoy. At Blank-IT and Expedio we recommend the Panasonic Toughbook range for use in just about any working environment, no matter how tough the conditions. You can request a quote now.

New Video – Installing the Motion F5V in a Tempus Dock on an Industrial Evolution Mount

We have released a short video showing just how quick and easy it is to install a Motion F5V into a car, using the Tempus Dock and the Industrial Evolution Surfboard Mount.

When used in conjunction with professional mounting/docking systems such as those made by Industrial Evolution and Tempus, Blank-IT provides the most comprehensive in-car computing solution available anywhere.

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