As we mentioned in a previous post, Blank-it was a finalist in the Innovation Category of the Australian Road Safety Awards 2014.

We are now very proud to announce that Blank-it has won the Innovation award.

This is a welcome recognition of the hard work that has gone into making Blank-it the world leader in in-vehicle screen blanking and management.

More details and responses from the team at Blank-it to follow.


At Blank-it, we know that driver distraction should be a primary area of concern for all drivers and employers, one that has to be addressed through policy, education and the use of technology-based solutions.


Blank-it has been designed specifically to address the problem of driver distraction caused by in-vehicle computers and laptops. It is easily installed, doesn’t rely on 3rd party input such as GPS, is fully customisable for different working environments and will help businesses conform to distracted driving legislation and OH&S requirements.

Find out more today at – or contact us on 08 9486 7122 (if calling from outside Australia: +61 8 9486 7122).