Warehouse industry leaders agree that cost caused by on-the-job accidents far outweigh the costs of software that prevents it. 

As more companies are selling online and more warehouses are acting as go-betweens most of the industry leaders agree that safety is one of their top priorities when planning employee productivity. The more money that can be invested into safety, the more likely that it will be saved later. The costs associated with accidents in warehouses caused by misconduct and distraction range in the billions of dollars. This is a result of the damage to property and equipment. Driving a forklift into a shelving unit or a semi off a cliff usually have a common theme, being distracted.  

Many warehouse workers are under consistent stress resulting from long hours and the labour-intensive work they do. The temptation of being distracted while they work is tempting at the very least. Usually with an electronic device such as a cell phone, tablet or laptop. These distractions can range from checking messages to watching YouTube videos. The results of which have catastrophic consequences for the safety of workers. Not only that but also productivity is heavily impacted. The best way to mitigate it is to introduce employees to safety software.  

While working warehouse employees need to focus on the task at hand otherwise, they could impart the bottom line of the company. They also put themselves in danger when not focusing on the job. Last year alone the number of work-related injuries were staggering and the lawsuits that preceded them set an industry standard for software that is concerned with employee safety.  In 2019 a lawsuit was settled for over 19 million dollars after an employee was injured on the job. This kind of negligence can be mitigated by utilizing software that keeps people off their devices and on their work.   

More and more companies are making the choice to move towards using programs that reduce the chances of injury. For us we recommend using Blank-it for warehouse employees. 

A software that keeps people off their cell-phones, laptops and tablets and on their work. Making sure that they do not endanger themselves or others while also keeping themselves productive. The technology is simple for anyone to use. When someone uses an application that is not part of their work function or if they are driving the screen blanks out, hence the name.   

No matter what area of the industry you are in it’s above all important to remain safe while you do your job. Industry leaders agree that the most important assets that they have are the workers that make everything work like a well-oiled machine. 

When accidents that happen in the workplace it effects people’s morale and productivity not to mention the company’s litigations and increased insurance premiums.