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Blank-it Featured in “Business News” Article

Business News has published an article on Blank-it‘s continued growth into the U.S. fleet market and the growing emphasis on its use in Warehousing type environments.

Philip Little, founding director of the company, describes the increased awareness of Driver Distraction issues in the United States and the subsequent interest in the innovative solution offered by Blank-it.

The article also covers the increasing use of Blank-it in work-site environments such as warehousing and mine sites. Blank-it is the ideal computer management solution for forklift operators and the forthcoming Next Generation model will provide even more flexible and robust solutions for warehouse and road fleets of all sizes.

View a PDF version of the article here:  Blank-it Business News Article

Original article (registration required):

At Blank-it, we know that driver distraction should be a primary area of concern for all drivers and employers, one that has to be addressed through policy, education and the use of technology-based solutions.

Blank-it Safety in Motion


Blank-it has been designed specifically to address the problem of driver distraction caused by in-vehicle computers and laptops. It is easily installed, doesn’t rely on 3rd party input such as GPS, is fully customisable for different working environments and will help businesses conform to distracted driving legislation and OH&S requirements.
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