Expedio are proud to announce the launch of a major new release of our Blank-IT product.

Revolutionary Approach

The new version utilises revolutionary and innovative Motion Sensor technology, devised and developed in-house. The Blank-IT Motion Sensor solution provides:

Unique Technology: Blank-IT uses unique (patent pending) Motion Sensor technology to provide the ultimate in reliability, flexibility and portability in monitoring vehicle movement, without reliance on external systems such as GPS  or vehicle electrical systems.

Access to ‘nominated’ programs: Blank-IT allows a configurable list of programs to be accessible (such as navigation aids, reversing camera displays or despatch/scheduling systems).

Flexibility: Blank-IT is easily installed without requiring vehicle modifications, and happily
accommodates laptop mounting systems and ‘swing-away’ brackets.


For ‘warehouse’ type situations (e.g. Forklift trucks) Blank-IT’s original cable solution is ideal.

For on-road use, our Motion Sensor technology is perfect as it offers an accurate, reliable and
independent method of monitoring vehicle movement without reliance on GPS input, which can be patchy and un-reliable in built-up or remote areas.

The Blank-IT Motion Sensor solution may also be applicable in other transport environments where laptop or computer use needs to be restricted.

Why Blank-IT?

At Expedio we believe in “innovation, not imitation”. We devised and developed Blank-IT and we market Blank-IT worldwide. We continue to invest our experience, expertise and research efforts to develop Blank-IT further.

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