We’re proud to announce a new release of Blank-IT, the leading Distracted Driving and In-Vehicle display management solution.

Version 3.1 includes some minor fixes and enhancements plus some great new features.

  • Admin and Blank-IT tools combined into the one program with password protection for the administrative features
  • Blank-IT uses unique (patent pending) Motion Sensor technology to provide the ultimate in reliability, flexibility and portability in monitoring vehicle movement, without reliance on external systems such as GPS.
  • Blank-IT allows a configurable list of programs to be accessible (such as navigation aids, reversing camera displays or dispatch/scheduling systems)
  • Blank-IT is easily installed without requiring vehicle modifications, and happily accommodates laptop mounting systems and ‘swing-away’ brackets.
  • Blank-IT Browser: Allows you to grant limited Internet access to nominated sites/domains
  • Logging of Blank-IT state, Time on, Time Active, How Activated etc. Data stays on the on-board computer available for analysis if required (optional feature)
  • Suitable for multiple working environments (e.g. road, work site, warehousing)
  • Ability to take signals from hand-brake or our unique Motion Sensor technology to determine if a vehicle is in motion (Blank-IT works with cable or Motion Sensor)
  • Conceived, designed and developed in-house by Expedio and backed by our considerable industry experience and expertise

For on-road use, our Motion Sensor technology is perfect as it offers an accurate, reliable and independent method of monitoring vehicle movement without reliance on GPS input, which can be patchy and un-reliable in built-up or covered areas.

For ‘warehouse’ type situations (e.g. Forklift trucks) the motion sensor or Blank-IT’s cable solution are ideal.

We’ve also expanded the Blank-IT website, to include more details about the full feature-set of Blank-IT, plus the new videos that we’ve produced.