School Transportation News reports that failure to develop a policy covering employee Distracted Driving could leave businesses risking liability in the event of accidents.

According to the article, a National Transportation Safety Board representativerecently stated that failure to develop a policy prohibiting employees from using cell phones while driving on company business could be costly in more ways than one.

Dwight Foster, NTSB’s deputy director of the Office of Highway Safety, said that school districts and any business should constantly be re-evaluating safety policies – particularly after any crash or on-the-job accident, that may have involved driver fatigue or driver distraction.

“You can’t solve the distracted driver problem completely,” he warned. “But if you don’t have [a cell phone ban] as a policy in your business, you face really big liability.”

Whilst this report mentions cell phone use specifically, Driver distraction can be caused by any in-vehicle display or computer and these technologies could present exactly the same types of distraction issues and liabilitites for employers.

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