Undoubtedly the hit TV program of 2010, ‘Packed to the Rafters’  has dramatically ended the life of one of it’s top rated stars in a Distracted Driving incident.

The popular character of Melissa was killed in a car accident while listening to her mobile phone message service as she drove. Over 2,000,000 TV viewers saw Melissa Rafter run a stop sign whilst being distracted by her mobile phone.

Distracted Driving is killing more people than are being reported and is contributing to numerous deaths and trauma incidents across not just Australia but the whole world.

Blank-IT completely discourages unsafe driving behaviour. We advocate complete concentration and minimal distraction whilst driving.

Ensure your safety (and that of others) when driving by using the Blank-IT system to manage your visible in-vehicle computer displays.

Blank-IT is the original and the best way to make a vehicle mounted computer compliant with driver distraction legislation.