Recent studies have confirmed what many law enforcement bodies already know – that laws prohibiting texting and use of other electronic devices are much harder to enforce than laws prohibiting hand-held cell phone use.

In California, laws prohibiting use of hand-held phones while driving have been generally successful and studies have shown a definite decrease in the numbers of people disregarding this law.

However – similar laws aimed at texting and manipulation of other electronic devices are proving much less effective.

The primary reason for this is that is is much more difficult for police officers to identify someone texting – it is easy for officers to spot people holding a phone to their ear while driving, but it is much more difficult to identify texting because people doing this will generally have the phone or device resting on their lap or elsewhere below window level.

This is a clear and simple indication that laws on their own will not address the Distracted Driving problem. Sadly, neither will relying on people being responsible as numerous studies have shown that high percentages of drivers admit to texting and using laptops and other electronic devices while driving.

Technology provides the only sensible solution to these issues. More to the point, such technology should be consistent and reliable in operation and should NOT be operated on a voluntary “opt-in” basis, for obvious reasons.

That is why we developed the Blank-IT in-vehicle computing solution to prevent or limit driver access to an in-vehicle computer display whenever the vehicle is in motion. 

Blank-IT has been designed specifically to address the problem of driver distraction and in-vehicle computers and laptops. It is easily installed, doesn’t rely on 3rd party input such as GPS, is fully customisable for different working environments and will help businesses conform with distracted driving legislation and OH&S requirements.

Blank-IT accommodates swing-away brackets to address situations such as Emergency Responder vehicles, where computer access is required for a non-driving crew member.  It can also be configured to allow access to legally allowed functions such as aids to navigation and dispatch systems where applicable.

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