The RAC in Western Australia have launched a new campaign to target Distracted Driving.

The campaign, called “For The Better“, has its own website and series of videos following the progress of a very interesting project – the World’s first “Attention Powered Car”.

As their website states:

WA has the worst road state fatality rate in Australia, but we used to have one of the best. Did you know one of the biggest and least talked about killers on our roads is driver inattention? To do something about it, RAC created the world’s first Attention Powered Car. But you can only learn so much on a test track, so we took the car on a road trip through southern WA and the Wheatbelt with nine local drivers to test the road safety issue of inattention. This was the world’s longest inattention road test at over 1,100 kilometres. But this is just the beginning for the Attention Powered Car – we have finished the road trip, but now will conduct further experiments at the RAC Driving Centre to really delve into specific inattention issues and start testing some solutions. 

You can watch the series of videos following this experiment here:

More information about distraction legislation in WA can be found here:

At Blank-it, we know that driver distraction should be a primary area of concern for all drivers and employers, one that has to be addressed through policy, education and the use of technology-based solutions.

Blank-it has been designed specifically to address the problem of driver distraction caused by in-vehicle computers and laptops. It is easily installed, doesn’t rely on 3rd party input such as GPS, is fully customisable for different working environments and will help businesses conform to distracted driving legislation and OH&S requirements.