reports: A rule that would restrict the use of cell phones while operating a commercial motor vehicle has been proposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

According to the abstract, which is all that is available until the full text is published after an OK by the budget office, the proposal is an outcome of FMCSA studies that analysed safety incidents and distracted drivers. The rule would also address the National Transportation Safety Board’s “Most Wanted List” of safety recommendations.

DoT Secretary Ray LaHood is a keen proponent of legislation to stop distracted driving. There is already a ban on texting while driving a commercial vehicle, with further rules set to solidify the law.
According to some industry experts, there is one more distracted driving rule still set to come – one which would address other technologies that are used by CMV drivers – potentially affecting use of other devices in addition to cell phones.

Full article here: article on restricting cell phone use

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