Part 1 in what’s bound to be a series of ‘How Not To’ articles about matters of in-vehicle safety.

This was featured on the LifeHacker site, and we’re not entirely sure if it’s serious. Using some plumbing products they have put together a ‘laptop holder’ for their cab based on the cup holder. Cup-holders are, of course, well known for their functional ability to support computers weighing a few kilograms in a moving vehicle.

While the creator does state that they don’t actually use the computer when it’s mounted and the vehicle is in motion, you still have a laptop  and it’s plywood mount waiting to be thrown around the cab in the event of an accident/collision or similar – not something we’d recommend trying.

Here are some snippets from the article:

Need to use your laptop in your car? Don’t purchase a pricey laptop stand for the passenger seat or shell out for a dashboard mount. With some creative DIY-action you can turn your cup holder into a laptop stand…After scoping out the cab of his truck and doing some brainstorming he realized he could build his own stand and use the center console cup holder as a base….with $30 worth of parts—mostly PVC pipes, fittings, and a sheet of plywood—and a single afternoon of work he had a laptop stand for his truck…Cup holder Laptop mount

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