Scary how many innapropriate devices are portrayed on the internet and so dangerous. This device breaks all the legislation regarding driver distration, as well as OH&S regulations – hopefully it stayed at the ‘concept’ stage or was not serious.

Steering wheel mounted laptopQuoting from one of the articles describing this equipment: “After computer bike, the next alternative could be coupe laptop! On the road streamlining of work is earning importance, all thanks to growing globalization. While hours back, I introduced to the Computer Bike and now adding to the comfort we have coupe laptop, a concept notebook developed by Cario. The concept features laptop mounted on the drivers’ steering wheel, with no pinch of disturbance. This is going to be an elite concept laptop for mobile workers or people who can’t afford to sit at desk for long hours due to their demanding presence at distant places. While driving, they can have access to their inbox or just go through their PPT developed for the meeting you are moving ahead.

This integrated notebook connected to the car system allows the user an easy access to personalize the vehicles setting as per his convenience. For safe driving, you can utilize cario notebook as HUD with the projector. All eager eyes are waiting for this concept to turn into reality.”

Blank-IT completely discourages these actions. We encourage complete concentration on your driving and advocate minimal distraction whilst driving.

Ensure your safety by having a Blank-IT system to manage your visible in vehicle displays.

Don’t be fooled by inferior copies, Blank-IT is the original and best means to make a vehicle mounted computer compliant with driver distraction legislation.