The latest post in our series of how NOT to do in-car safety.

As reported in Der spiegel online, German police got more than they bargained for when they pulled over a speeding driver. This guy had set up a complete mobile office on his passenger seat.

He had installed a home made mount, complete with a laptop, a printer, a voltage converter, as well as two cell phones, a navigation device, and a GPS receiver attached to the windshield.

Blank-IT encourages complete concentration on your driving and we advocate minimal distraction whilst driving.
Ensure your own safety, the safety of others and reduce your potential liability as an employer by using a Blank-IT system to manage your visible in-vehicle computer displays.

Don’t be fooled by inferior copies, Blank-IT is the original and the best way to make a vehicle mounted computer compliant with driver distraction legislation.



Blank-IT – the in-vehicle computing solution – is designed to work with Windows based laptops, tablets and computers and we recommend professional, safe and secure laptop mounts.

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