According to an article on the Spokesman website, legislators in Idaho have recently passed an unusual variation on the ‘Texting and Driving’ laws that are becoming more prevalent thorughout the U.S. and other countries.

Under the proposed legislation, it would become illegal to text while driving if doing so distracts the driver, but not if the driver is able to do so without becoming distracted.

Given that texting is an activity that requires visual, cognitive AND physical distraction it would seem obvious that a driver will be distracted from driving if they are texting – but the wording of this legislation means that police officers won’t be able to  pull someone over for texting while driving unless they notice a change in driving that reflects distraction, which may be a bit too late.

Attempts to remove this wording from the legislation were voted down. So, it will be OK to text while driving in Idaho – as long as it doesn’t distract you, of course.

Read the Spokesman article here.

Let us know, via a comment, if you are aware of any similarly worded legislation in other States.