Cost of Distracted DrivingFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Fines Surpass $10 Million Per Month.

Further proof that employees who use cell phones or other display devices while driving pose significant financial liability to their employers.

According to FMCSA data (compiled by Peoplenet) there has been a steady and growing increase in the fines issued to truck drivers and carriers for violations of regulations that prohibit use of hand held devices while driving commercial vehicles.

The monthly fines issued to date in 2013 are:
Jan: $1,614,250
Feb: $4,081,000
Mar: $6,688,000
Apr: $10,070,500

The message should be clear: Drivers and carriers who ignore these rules can expect to pay a significant financial penalty, quite apart from the safety and OHS issues associated with distracted driving and any legal consequences that may arise through distraction related accidents.

Employers who are pro-active will use technology to promote safe and legal use of mobile devices while their employees are driving on the job. As part of that technology solution, Blank-it is the best way to address distraction issues relating to computer use in the vehicle or cab.

At Blank-it, we know that driver distraction should be a primary area of concern for operators of fleets of all sizes, and one that has to be addressed through policy, education and the use of technology-based solutions.

Blank-it has been designed specifically to address the problem of driver distraction caused by in-vehicle computers and laptops. It is easily installed, doesn’t rely on 3rd party input such as GPS, is fully customisable for different working environments and will help businesses conform to distracted driving legislation and OH&S requirements.