Continuing our occasional series of in-car mounting devices that we don’t recommend.

Now someone is marketing a device that allows you to STRAP your phone or smartphone to the steering wheel of your car. Really.

An elasticated strap attaches to the top of your steering wheel and you slot the phone into it so that is permanently visible i.e distracting, encouraging use of the device while driving, and potentially blocking view of gauges.

Their website mentions that use of bluetooth is recommended, and cautions against use of phones while driving – but why on earth make available a device that could encourage potentially dangerous driving behaviour, given the growing acceptance of the dangers of distracted driving?

On top of the potential encouragement to drive while distracted, how about the possibility that the device will hide the instrument gauges? What happens to your phone (and the driver) if the air-bag deploys? What if people see this device and decide to throw together their own home-made version?

What we need is technology that can help reduce deaths from distracted driving, not ill-thought out devices that could encourage the practice. We have deliberately decided not to name or publish a link to this product’s website.

Update: 2011-08-16 – also see this post:


At Blank-IT we encourage complete concentration on your driving and we advocate minimal distraction whilst driving. Blank-IT – the in-vehicle computing solution – is designed to work with Windows based laptops, tablets and computers and we recommend professional, safe and secure laptop mounts.

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