The National Safety Council (NSC) and FocusDriven, an organisation devoted to spreading the word about the dangers of distracted driving, have joined forces to sponsor an “On the Road, Off the Phone” public service announcement video contest.

The aim is to to get entrants to produce videos that will educate the public on the dangers of the cell phone conversation while driving.

According to statistics, distracted driving kills at least 5,500 people in the United States each year and the no. 1 distraction behind the wheel is cell phone use. At any given daylight moment, almost 10%  of drivers are using a phone while driving, according to the NSC.

Entrants are invited to submit an original video, less than 3 minutes long, and get the chance to win a cash prize and have their PSA on the NSC and FocusDriven websites. Entries are due by March 31 and winners will be announced in April during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

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