The “Action News” team have carried out an investigation into the increasing number of distraction related Police crashes and near misses and the video above highlights how serious a problem this has become.

Reporters found that in Missouri alone in 2012, there were at least 35 law enforcement-related crashes that involved some type of technology distraction. That figure could grow because staff members are still entering crash reports into the system from the last few months of the year.

In the majority of the reports, officers said they were looking at their in-car computers before a crash.

Of course, the accuracy of the statistics also depend on the honesty of the officers involved in the crashes. If an officer fails to mention that they were distracted when involved in an incident, it wouldn’t be recorded in the database as a distraction-related crash.

This issue is of vital importance to Police and emergency services everywhere (along with other public utilities) whose drivers and crews rely heavily on computer access in the vehicle as an integral part of their jobs. Computer related distraction in the vehicle is a growing problem, and one that won’t go away.

The only sensible way to address the issue is through technology, and Blank-IT provides the best of breed solution for any mobile workforce.


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