has published an informative post, listing some of the ways in which cellphone use can contribute to road accidents through driver distraction.  

It’s a neat, brief post and also contains some interesting links.

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The 7 main reasons are summarised below:

1. Distracted driving: the number of people killed in distracted driving incidents is up a whopping 22 percent from 2005 to 2009.  The share of accidents belonging to distracted drivers has increased.

2. Cell Phones: cell phones are the top reason for distracted driving, according to various sources.

3. Texting: 18 percent of drivers in the United State have done it in the past 30 days, according to a recent study by the Insurance Research Council. That is probably underestimating the true numbers.

4. Bans are Ineffective: the Highway Loss Data Institute “found that texting bans may not reduce crashes,” writes the Insurance Information Institute.

5. Complacency: teens are more ready to blame drunk driving than texting for traffic accident fatalities.  Many do just not understand the risks of texting and driving.

6. Hypocrisy: About 60 percent of AAA Foundation for Safety survey respondents felt that cell phone use while driving is “a serious safety threat,”  but nearly 70 percent admitted to talking on their phones., and 24 percent texted.

7. Hypocrisy AND Stupidity: while 84 percentof teenagers in a magazine survey said “they were aware that distracted driving increased the risk of a crash,” 86 percent admitted engaging in distracted driving behavior related to a cell phone.

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