The ‘Trucking Info’ website reports that the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee has asked federal regulators to look at technology standards, enforcement, driver education and data collection as they consider ways to limit distracted driving in trucks. The committee says that in trucking specifically it would be helpful to reduce in-cab distractions.

They have suggested that the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) look at existing research and new technologies when it reviews the idea of prohibiting or limiting driver use of in-cab technologies while the truck is moving. They also urge that regulators consider alternatives to visual messaging, including incentives to promote voice-only technologies. Furthermore, they ask that the agency consider development of performance standards for in-cab technologies that might distract drivers.

The committee’s members come from the trucking industry, the enforcement community and labor and safety advocacy groups.

Blank-IT was developed specifically to address the problem of Distracted Driving, and to conform with associated legislation. Blank-IT can be configured to limit access only to allowable programs/features while the vehicle is in motion – it is highly customisable and able to accommodate the types of standards and legislation discussed in this article.

The full article can be found at, the website of ‘Heavy Duty Trucking’ magazine –