• Does your vehicle display management system not manage your display properly?
  • Tired of your screen management system not working as it should?
  • Concerned that your display management system may interfere or conflict with other onboard systems?
  • Are you concerned workers are offered no real protection because they can bypass the system by simply engaging the handbrake slightly?
  • Frustrated the backup position of the GPS does not work if the computer has come back from hibernation?

If so then try the original and the best vehicle display management system, specifically developed in Australia to provide a fool-proof method of ensuring your vehicle mounted computer displays are ADR compliant.

Blank-IT v3 utilises a single USB motion sensor device guaranteed to work regardless of vehicle, computer or mounting options chosen. It is a self-contained device emitting no electromagnetic interference, is not reliant on extra-terrestrial systems and is resistant to the operator/driver trying to bypass the safety devices you have installed. Blank-IT v3 will happily accommodate allowable programs such as “Aids to Navigation”, Computer Aided Despatch programs or reversing cameras. It will also allow the computer to work unhindered if the screen is not facing the driver.

Blank-IT is developed and supported by our in-house development team and can be customised/extended should you discover a feature you need.

Trial Blank-IT v3 now in one of your vehicles – it only takes minutes to install and you are ready to go. Blank-IT v3 has been copied but never beaten, it is the only reliable screen sentry program available in Australia.