Are you spending too much time being distracted as you’re surfing the net with your electronic media?  Do you have a screen in your vehicle that you can see when  you are driving?  If the answer to these questions is yes, read on and turn off your distractions.

An interesting piece on the Miami Herald site, talking about the increasing use of in-car apps to allow use of social networking sites while driving.

Are we so prone to reading and texting while driving that it becomes a “safety” feature to hear an audio feed of the meaningless drivel our friends post on Facebook?

Technology that reads and converts incoming messages or web posts and relays them as audio are being marketed as tools to keep our eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. But, the article asks, at what point do these features become just another distraction?

It goes on to quote a recent study released by ‘State Farm’ – showing that 19% of drivers are surfing the Web while driving – and that’s just the number that admitted to doing it.

Use of smartphones behind the wheel has gone beyond texting and e-mails; we’re Facebooking and Tweeting while driving. No wonder these companies want to try and grab the market.

The article outlines some of the distraction drawbacks of the current technology such as; ability to listen to messages but not allowing a verbal response to be made or only allowing a very limted set of ‘canned’ responses to be made.

Apps that help you unplug from texts, e-mails and social networking apps are the only truly useful tools when speeding down the highway.

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