We often see and read statistics and reports about the dangers of distracted driving. One problem with this is that we can become complacent about the facts and figures, or regard them in a purely ‘academic’ way – and it becomes easy to lose sight of the meaning behind these figures. The sheer numbers of incidents involved can make it difficult to appreciate the consequences for ‘real people’.

Tragic stories lie behind many of these incidents, and the effects of distracted driving crashes can extend far beyond the people directly involved.

This video (created by AT&T) should help to put things into perspective and make you appreciate the true cost of distracted driving.

Of course, distraction is not the only cause of road accidents, but it is one of the most easily preventable, and this video helps to show the sometimes enormous price paid for such a trivial activity as texting.

Blank-IT addresses the use of on-board or vehicle-mounted computers and laptops, rather than cell phones, but the same distraction issues apply, and we think it is important that everyone understands the human cost of distraction.

Please take some time to watch the video.