reports that car manufacturers are queuing up to put Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad at the heart of their in-car multimedia systems.

Audi, Land Rover and Volkswagen all showcased vehicles at the recent Geneva motor show that demonstrate how the car makers are looking to capitalise on the growing popularity of Apple products.

Of these vehicles, the Volkswagen’s concept actually incorporates a full iPad docking station into its dash.

Mercedes and Land Rover are among other manufacturers considering Apple-compatible docking stations for future production cars and looking at more ways to integrate Apple’s product range, with Mercedes stressing that they are also looking at other technology providers such as Android devices.

The primary aim seems to be to capture the attention of younger buyers. Mercedes’ vice president of product innovation and technologies, Professor Dr Baharat Balasubramanian, is quoted as saying “The younger generation want whatever devices they’re using at home or work to operate seamlessly in their vehicle,” says Professor Dr Balasubramanian. “[Their] expectation is seamless connectivity, and I think this is the challenge we need to address in the coming years.”

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