On March 1st 2011, the West Australian Government introduced changes to the laws regarding the use of mobile phones and visual display units (such as laptops and screens) while driving.

The changes help clarify the term ‘use’, and address questions about the use of mobile phones which have other capabilities (e.g. text messages, emails, video messages, GPS, etc.).

The WA Government’s Towards Zero road safety strategy for 2008-2020 includes a range of education campaigns, with an emphasis on emerging areas such as distraction.  In May 2010 the Office of Road Safety launched a television, radio and billboard campaign to inform the public of the dangers of distracted driving, including using mobile phones while driving.

Government and other recent research indicates that both the physical and cognitive distraction caused by using mobile phones while driving can significantly impair a driver’s visual search patterns, reaction times, decision-making processes and his or her ability to maintain speed, throttle control and lateral position on the road.

In addition, the changes introduce tighter regulations about secure mounting of Visual Display Units that are being used as part of a driver’s aid, and stipulate that any mounting must be commercially designed & manufactured for that purpose.

For more information see the WA Office of Road Safety website announcement.

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