A round-up of Blank-IT news for August 2011:

New Version Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Version 3.2.2 of Blank-IT. This is an enhancement release, adding various administration functions aimed at making roll-out to large vehcile fleets even easier.

NRMA Expands Use of Blank-IT

Following an initial roll-out of 50 units, the NRMA are implementing another 350 units for expanded roll-out to their fleet in NSW and ACT.

New Customers

Blank-IT is also being implemented at Australian energy companies Endeavour Energy and Integral Energy.

Blank-IT Browser

Endeavour Energy are also trialling the Blank-IT Browser component of Blank-IT. The Blank-IT Browser provides a way of allowing resticted internet access to in-vehicle computers – by limiting access to a ‘whitelist’ of allowed sites, for example. Find out more about the Blank-IT Browser.

WA Innovation Awards:

Blank-IT has successfully passed through the first qualification round for the Western Australian government’s “Innovator the Year” Awards (http://www.commerce.wa.gov.au/scienceinnovation/Innovator/index.htm).

About Blank-IT:
Blank-IT is the best Distracted Driving solution for companies using in-vehicle computers or laptops. It is easily installed in fleets of all sizes and fully adaptable to different working environments. Our motion-sensor technology overcomes the issues and failings associated with GPS – providing a consistent, reliable and accurate means of detecting vehicle motion in a totally independent manner, without reliance on third-party input.

To find out more about the Blank-IT distracted driving solution, visit the Blank-IT website or call us on 08 9486 7122 (if calling from outside Australia: +61 8 9486 7122).